[Futures Forward series season 2] The Future of Education

Education has long played a foundational role in the transformation of human societies. It has the power to connect us with the world and others, unite us around collective endeavours, and teach us how to mobilise knowledge in order to navigate a transforming and uncertain world.

Amidst all the goals and intent of education, some pertinent questions remain: With the advent of new technology and innovation, how will education look like in the future? How can we work in our respective capacities to make education more equitable? How can education in the future best support individuals, communities and societies for meaningful work, sustainable development as well as personal well-being? How can we better align education with societal needs in the coming decades?

Join us and our panellists as we reimagine what the future of education might look like, and how can we work together in the present to create educational futures that are inclusive and sustainable.

(1) Michael Klemm, Singapore Education Network, Singapore
(2) Peter Bishop, Teach the Future, USA
(3) Yvonne Kong-Ho, SMU-X, Singapore

Moderated by Eddie Choo, Research Associate, Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore.

For enquiries on Futures Forward series, please contact us at [email protected].

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