FUTUREngineering Career Talks X Structural Engineering with Sudip Choudhary

Watch Sudip Choudhary ( Senior Manager - Structural Engineering at Bentley Systems) on a fireside chat along with Pragya Sharma (MTech, Structural Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Raipur), Vikash Gupta (B.Tech, Civil Engineering, NIT Raipur) and Rajiv Ranjan(B.Tech, Civil Engineering, NIT Raipur) discuss on the following pointers:
Managing labor efficiency in the construction industry using technology?
Application or digital solution to predict where cracks can occur in a structure?
How important is the role of structural engineers in today’s building construction?
Why precast construction technology is not readily available in India?
How can we make existing buildings seismic-resistant?
Any additional tips & tricks on how students can upskill themselves and be ready for the industry jobs?
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