Future Proof Your Association with Value Management

-Does your association have a clear and compelling successful value proposition?

We’re not talking about a mission statement. Or a vision statement. A value proposition is the full mix of benefits you promise your members, and it’s based on your members’ wants and needs. Our friends at Halmyre (marketing strategy consultants) recently surveyed non-profit leaders about their value propositions and joined us on a webinar to share actionable insights from their findings.

During this webinar, special guest Christine Saunders, President of Halmyre, and Bill Conforti, our SVP of Strategy & Solutions, presented:
-The quantifiable impact of a clear value proposition on revenue, resilience, and customer loyalty
-How your organization’s approach to value management compares to like organizations
-What’s keeping CEOs of non-profit organizations up at night and how to address these concerns
-How to determine member preferences and interests by segment and over time
-Ways to understand the exchange of value between you and your members
-How to use engagement scoring to validate your value proposition
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