Future of the Weight Management (Weight Loss) Category

Is the weight management category of the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry dying or is it lowkey evolving into something more interesting now? Americans are still extremely interested in weight management. Yes, it has seen several cycles of ups and downs during the pandemic era, but I’d argue the extra unwanted pounds gained by the average American during these last two or so years has only elevated the long-term outlook for the weight management category. There are the obvious health-related motivating factors, but there’s something deeper at play to why weight management has been on the top of many Americans' minds for decades. Being thin is now a social ideal and used as a social distinction from the increasingly obese masses. Physical appearance is a huge motivating factor for weight management in America. Here’s the problem that has begun to happen over time, consumers want outcomes. They may vary in their degree, but products are simply a means to the end. Weight management category consumers are notorious for trying products that promise results regardless of diet or physical exertion. So, decades of overhyped marketing of “the magic pill or food or beverage concoction” has created a loss in consumer confidence. As a result, the evolution of the weight management category will shift into more cleverly positioned food and beverage products. These products won’t have packaging that screams weight loss but will intuitively connect to dietary outcomes. They will allow consumers to come to their own conclusions on if the products will fulfill their dietary requirements.

Kara Landau (psychobiotics discussion) - https://youtu.be/9w2vD_i6b4s

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