Fun Personality Quiz: What is your personality type? Raise Your Self Awareness

Fun personality quiz. What is your personality type? Raise your self awareness.

This simple test of your personality type with answers helps raise your self awareness and improve relationship management. Answer the easy fun quiz and check the results and you get your personality type in a few minutes. This video covers personality type test, fun quiz on personality, fun personality test, personality type questions, and simple questions. It helps reveal your personality with personality test questions.
This quiz is good for improving your self awareness and self competence which is key to raising your emotional intelligence and managing relationships with others better.
This video presents a fun and easy personality quiz with results and scores. It helps test your personality with 10 questions and gives you scores for each question, and provides the three possible personality types you might belong to based on your total scores.
This test of personality type is helpful with improving your self awareness and social awareness and relationship management skills. This video covers personality type and emotional intelligence, personality type and self awareness, personality type and self management, personality type and relationship management.

Dr Catherine Ngahu
00:00 Personality type
00:16 Instructions on personality test quiz
00:30 Question 1 personality type
00:57 Question 2 personality type
01:23 Question 3 personality type
01:55 Question 4 Personality type
02:20 Question 5 Personality type
02:49 Question 6 Personality type
03:18 Question 7 Personality type
03:44 Question 8 Personality type
04:15 Question 9 Personality type
04:42 Question 10 Personality type
05:12 Your score personality quiz
05:22 Analyst personality type
05:40 Sentinel personality type
05:53 Explorer personality type
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