Full Source Code of Advance Master Detail CRUD in MVC ASP.NET CORE 6 using EFCORE

Full Source Code of Advance Master Detail CRUD in MVC ASP.NET CORE 6 using EFCORE - Purchase Order form

In this video we are going to develop
an Advanced Master Detail CRUD Application.
using ASP.NET Core 6 with MVC and EfCore.

As You know very well,
I am using Visual studio 2022
as the development tool and Asp.Net core
with MVC as the platform.

The main objective of this application is to save the master
and detail records together in a easiest and best way.

In Here , I have used advanced features of Entity framework core
and javascript.

I have added Client side Jquery Validations for the Detail Grid.

normally, adding validations to the detail grids
are not easy. and i have solved those challenges here in a brilliant way.

If you watch this full video, I can guarantee that
in the future making any type of master detail
screens like salesinvoice, purchaseorder,
indent entry, Employee Payroll Screens etc. will not be a problem
at all.

We will see much more in the Video. so please watch the
video and give your Valuable comments.

Best Regards,

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