FSBT Dec 2021 Colloquium

Join Brandy Haven’s presentation “Using Real-World Experience in the Classroom to Increase Learning” as she discusses how students can benefit most when they can visualize how they will apply the course concepts in their future career paths. Incorporating real-world examples and experience enriches class engagement and improves student learning in addition to the foundational concepts and theories taught in textbooks.

Brandy Havens is an Assistant Professor of Accounting in the Forbes School of Business at UAGC. She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) with a professional background in general accounting, SEC financial reporting, internal controls assessment, and financial statement auditing. She frequently works as a technical writer and subject matter expert in the development of accounting and finance educational materials, CPA review content, and continuing professional education (CPE) courses. She has been developing and teaching online accounting courses since 2006 and enjoys the interaction with students and the opportunity to guide and assist others as they pursue their career goals.

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The Forbes School of Business & Technology 2021 Colloquia are opportunities for faculty to discuss industry trends in the context of instructional best practices.
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