From Theory to Theorizing - Practicing Multiple Styles of Theorizing

Professor Santi Furnari (City University) and Professor Joep Cornelissen (Erasmus University)

Theory and theoretical contributions come in different forms, such as process theories, configurational theories and correlational theories. What are the building blocks of each of these different forms? And what are practical ways in which we can develop the contribution in each of these forms? In this practical session, we will outline different styles of theorizing (e.g., propositional theorizing, configurational theorizing) and through practical exercises involving participants demonstrate how different forms of theories can be developed and written up.

Recommended readings:
- Furnari, S., Crilly, D., Misangyi, V. F., Greckhamer, T., Fiss, P. C., & Aguilera, R. (2021). ‘Capturing causal complexity: Heuristics for configurational theorizing’. Academy of Management Review, forthcoming.
- Cornelissen, J., Höllerer, M.A., and Seidl, D. (2021). ‘What theory is and can be: Forms of theorizing in organizational scholarship’. Organization Theory, doi:10.1177/26317877211020328.

This webinar was supported by Organization Theory journal and OMT Division of AOM.
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