From Survive to Thrive: How Change Management Skills Strengthen Business Success

Do you currently have something on your plate that is bringing you a little bit of fear? Or maybe you know that you have an upcoming project or a difficult conversation that has you a little bit afraid?

In this video, Catherine Deluca and Diane Rolston talk about:

0:00 - Intro
0:36 - About Catherine Deluca
7:40 - Tell me about why the mindset shift from Survive to Thrive is important to you?
17:56 - What impact did all this have on you and your goals?

Cathy’s Bio:

Catherine has a diverse background working in administrative, human resource, project management, software implementation/training and change management, learning early on that effectively managing change had MORE of an impact on the success of a change than any other factor – and that our personal ability to integrate change limits that success.

Catherine works collaboratively with business leaders and their teams to craft an outcomes-based strategic plan and then a change management strategy to ensure successful acceptance of that change for the entire team. This has become especially important both during the pandemic, and post-pandemic as we as leaders need to pivot our approach to ensure that we move from a Survive to a Thrive mindset!

The Thrive mindset can re-energize leaders and their teams, increase communication and satisfaction as goals are achieved. Important to thriving is achieving a work/life balance, especially in a work-from-home world.

Catherine believes in the collaborative approach to working with her clients, digging in deep to ensure a successful plan for the future, and celebrating all wins, big or small!

Cathy’s Social Media links:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cathy-deluca/
Website: https://catherinedeluca.com/

Get a copy of the Outcome-Based Business Framework: https://delucaandco.podia.com/outcome-based-business-framework

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