From Scratch to Success: The Hoodzpah Design Agency Story

Join Chris Do as he sits down with Jennifer and Amy Hood, the co-founders and sisters behind Hoodzpah, a renowned brand identity and type design studio based in Southern California.

In this episode, learn about their humble beginnings and how their strong family values shaped their work ethic and nurtured their entrepreneurial spirit. Hoodzpah's fearless approach and unwavering determination are testaments to their remarkable journey.

Gain valuable insights into their experiences as they share the highs and lows of starting a design business, overcoming challenges, and finding fulfillment in mentoring others. Discover how their exceptional creativity allowed them to forge meaningful relationships and connect with people on a deeper level.

From juggling part-time jobs to realizing their dreams, uncover their secrets to overcoming obstacles and carving their own path to success. Don't miss out on their invaluable advice on branding, pricing strategies, and the profound impact of perception in the creative world. Join this captivating discussion that celebrates the remarkable achievements and inspiring story of Hoodzpah, its visionary co-founders, and their unwavering pursuit of excellence.

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In this episode:
00:00 - Importance of Soft Skills
00:34 - Meet Jen and Amy Hood
02:33 - Teaching & Mentoring in the Creative Space
05:32 - Quantifying Knowledge & Optimizing w/ Technology
06:33 - How the Hoodzpah Seed Was Planted
13:27 - Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone
15:17 - Discussing California Social Dynamics
17:47 - The Journey into Design
22:12 - Mastering Soft Skills, Hard Skills & Communication Styles
24:23 - Where the Hood Twins & Chris Do Differ
26:36 - Chris' Face in Time Square
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