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About this MasterClass:
One of the most challenging enterprises for a young leader is taking over the family business: lots of expectations, doubts, risks to face, without any guarantee of success.
We will examine a true case history, highlighting the progressive steps made by the would-be entrepreneur to create his management team from scratch and become recognized leader.
This can serve as a practical, structured model, to be easily reapplied to any kind of company, where people need to be involved and engaged in a new project.

Lecturer: Prof. Daniela Bassetto (CUOA Business School)
Daniela Bassetto has a long international experience as Director of Marketing, Sales, Communication, Human Resources in American multinational groups, including Emerson Corporation, Liebert Hiross, Amcast Corporation. She has managed multicultural teams and projects in international contexts. Licensed as journalist, she’s German mothertoungue and has a full-honor Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures.
She is now Executive Project Leader for innovation projects in the company, using the Lean and Agile methodologies, Master lecturer at the university, professor of the CUOA Faculty, professional Coach, trainer, and Licensed Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming.

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