From IC to EM: A Guide to Stepping Into the Weird, Wild World of Management

Presented by Women Who Code Mobile
Speaker: Dan Kim
Topic: From IC to EM: A guide to stepping into the weird, wild world of management

So you’re thinking about becoming an engineering manager, eh? Awesome, let’s go!

I considered this exact same decision about a year ago, and ultimately ended up taking the leap. I’ll walk you through how I made the call to switch to being an EM after many years as an IC, how it started (what I thought I knew), how it’s going (all the things I didn’t know), and the not-so-obvious differences between being an IC and an EM. Basically, I’m here to give you a real world, very fresh perspective on what the transition has been like.

Ultimately, I hope this talk will help you make a decision on what’s right *for you*, and if you do decide to head down the EM path, how to get started.

About the Speaker:
Dan has been an Engineering Manager at Twitter for a year, and prior to that had been an Android Engineer for 8 years and a server side Java developer for...a long time. Technical communities have been instrumental in positively shaping his work and career, and he's a big believer in paying that forward.

Outside of work, he's an avid dog dad, donut aficionado, pizza lover, and gif enthusiast.

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