From Engineering Dropout to $80K/YR Digital Marketing Manager

Published - This week I interview Diego, who dropped out of his "secure" Engineering Degree Program against his family's wishes, took my course, and got Digital Marketing skills & his first entry level job within a few months. 2 years later he makes $80,000/YR working remotely and managing a team of Paid Media Specalists.

He has job security, benefits, and management skills that will take him to the next level of his career. Diego is even in charge of in charge of HIRING for his company, even though he does not have a college degree!

We talked for nearly an hour because Diego had so many good stories and good advice to share with everyone about his journey. We talked about dealing with immigrant parents, the realities of an Engineering major, pivoting into digital marketing and getting promoted to management, and a lot more!

Diego started out with zero experience and a lot of pressure from his family to finish college. They were absolutely blown away when he ended up making more than he would've as an Engineer in a field where he actually loves work every day!

If you want real security and protection against inflation, get marketable high income skills. While the price of most things is rising, so is the demand for digital marketing and their wages. That's why there are over 180,000 open Digital Marketing jobs in the US right now, up from about 50,000 this time last year!

It's also why I've had multiple students under the age of 25 get entry level jobs paying $50K-$60K with no previous experience.

The mainstream does not have any idea what they are or how to get them. There's never been a better time to get these in demand skills.

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