From Doctor to UX Professional - Professional Mentorship with Dr. Hillary Hines - Schusterian Logic

Man, this episode was a blast to do.

Dr. Hines is a medical doctor from Jamaica who decided to change industries after wanting to do more for her community. After randomly stumbling upon the position of UX designer (something that she had never heard of until that point), she decided to make the transition to a technology career.

3:58 - 5:03: How Hillary Found UX Design
6:56 - 9:20: How an informational interview got Hillary into a UX Bootcamp
12:35 - 19:55: 3 paths for Hillary: entrepreneurship, big business or startup
22:19 - 23:23: Advice from Demo Day and meeting the German Entrepreneur
25:33 - 27:14: Don't worry about being sucked into the machine
27:52 - 28:53: Structure a 3-month contract and then re-negotiate
33:44 - 35:28: Don't let corporate job descriptions scare you away from roles
35:45 - 37:50: Minimalist Entrepreneur Method: You can start with the community first and then build the business later
39:39 - 41:51: Empathizing, Don't Pitch when you don't understand the problem
44:03 - 45:09: Even if your community-building doesn't turn into a product, it will still help you
46:11 - 48:56: Building my Quora Community and Learning Lessons

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