Freight Spend: Driving Down Costs in a Data-Driven World

Interlog hosted a live webinar on Friday, October 22, with the participation of Schneider Electric to discuss how data in freight can help boost companies.

During this one hour event, we learn from Jaroslav Vondruska, Europe Transport Performance Manager AOE at Schneider Electric, Jean-Marie Mascarenhas, President of Interlog Group, and Bellamy Blake, Interlog Freight Spend Manager.

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0:00 - Introduction
3:06 - Main Mission
3:57 - The Beginnings of Business Intelligence
4:58 - Freight Audit Evolving
7:25 - Why your business needs Freight Data
8:50 - Data Quality
10:00 - Schenieder Electric Business Case
20:45 - The "Linguistic" Theory
32:06 - Webinar Summary
33:32 Q&A Session
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