FreeStyle Libre 3 vs Dexcom G6 | Full Test & Review

Results of FreeStyle Libre 3 and Dexcom G6 head-to-head review. I share my experience with these two CGM systems in a comprehensive video.

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0:00 My 6 weeks test of FreeStyle Libre 3 vs Dexcom G6
0:41 Commonalities of FreeStyle Libre 3 and Dexcom G6
1:10 Design of Libre 3 and Dexcom G6
3:14 Sensor application, use, removal
5:17 Warm up time
5:54 Approved sensor sites
6:17 Sensor and transmitter wear time
7:40 Bluetooth reliability & alarms
8:47 Receiving devices & itegration (phone, reader, watch, insulin pump)
10:10 Accuracy of Dexcom G6 and FreeStyle Libre 3
11:40 Sensor calibration
11:59 Mobile apps & data sharing (FreeStyle Libre 3, Dexcom G6, LibreLinkUp, Dexcom Follow, Libre View, Dexcom Clarity)
13:59 Cost comparison of FreeStyle Libre 3 and Dexcom G6
14:54 Other thoughts & impressions
15:59 Is FreeStyle Libre 3 or Dexcom G6 better?

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