Free Mock Interviews: Discover Why You Failed Many Product Manager Interviews

Have you ever faced the frustration of not securing that Product Manager role despite multiple interviews? You're not alone. Join our special session with Dr. Nancy as she unveils the mysteries behind unsuccessful Product Manager interviews. Step into the interviewer's mind and discover how to align yourself with the perfect PM role. Get ahead with expert insights from Dr. Nancy!

In this talk, I will cover:
1. Insight into Mistakes
2. Effective Presentation
3. Nailing the Interview

I will answer your questions live on Wednesday at 11AM EST!

Every week, we select one lucky audience to do a mock interview and review your 30s elevator pitch, if you want to get free coaching such as doing mock interviews, getting your 30s elevator pitch reviewed, and asking questions live, you can join the Zoom meeting with Dr. Nancy Li while streamed through YouTube Live. Please submit your questions using the Google form below. If you are selected you will be contacted by our support team.


0:00 Pre
2:01 Welcome and Introduction
5:14 Free Mock Interview
8:21 Download 50 PM Interview Questions - https://www.drnancyli.com/50FAANG
26:56 What Does a Product Manager Do? - https://youtu.be/Jd6w4I64R2I?si=q3mHVPTBdEutRYmU
29:19 Details of Dr. Nancy's Pitch - https://youtu.be/QMAxVOJ4aVg?si=5EDDcFCshzXD6b7K
33:02 Different Kinds of Recruiting Time Frames for Different Types of Companies
50:27 Show the Right Framework You Can Use Right Away - https://www.youtube.com/redirect?event=live_chat&redir_token=QUFFLUhqbDVRRm1WM29fMEZIOHVGeUNpZ0l1SU1abHhmUXxBQ3Jtc0trTFl0SVRPLTh4WjNZWWhRMHNPazkxc2pXTGI3YmNqcFNyaTBDcnFURDJrZFhFdU5uUmpNbVBuYmtPcGNoSUE4YVh2ek5kcG92dWNqRUloRFJ0Y09hLVdUOENfckVpMmRYc2MzcDYzYVhBemhWcGZQdw&q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.drnancyli.com%2Fmasterclass
52:18 Right Methodology - https://youtu.be/o7jZFyV8maQ?si=0bXCbdSRq_ibHhPe
52:50 Free Product Masterclass - https://youtu.be/o7jZFyV8maQ?si=0bXCbdSRq_ibHhPe

Don't forget to check the videos mentioned during the live session below!

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