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You think it's time for a podcast? We yes I'd imagine so. This week we dig into two of the big releases of the year we haven't covered yet with Free Guy and The Beach That Makes You Old. Plus a whole bunch fo other news that's time coded below. Thanks for listening!

More Squid Games with James:

00:00 The Start
03:11 Book of Boba Fett Release
06:32 The Boys Spin-Off
08:58 No Time To Die
15:02 The Last of Us First Look
16:00 HBO Max Mistakes
18:35 Black Widow Disney Feud
23:24 New Netflix Teasers
27:07 Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage

33:14 Free Guy Review (spoilers 39:27 to 44:41)

44:21 Old Review (spoilers 52:00 to 01:09:03)

01:09:03 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read
01:13:56 Letters, It's Time For Letters

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