FPRI–Wilson Center Symposium: Economic Security and Geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific - Part 1

The first panel will focus on the geopolitics of economic security and prospects for cooperation. How are China, Japan, and the United States positioning themselves in light of growing technology competition and the emergence of separate technology spheres? What are the implications for compatibility and cooperation?

Cordell Hull - Cordell Hull is a Principal at WestExec Advisors and the former Acting US Under Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Security.
Xiaomeng Lu - Xiaomeng Lu is the Director for Geo-Technology at the Eurasia Group.
James Schoff - James Schoff is the Senior Director of the US-Japan NEXT Alliance Initiative at Sasakawa USA.
Moderator: Shihoko Goto - Shihoko Goto is the Director for Geoeonomics and Indo-Pacific Enterprise and Deputy Director of the Asia Program at the Wilson Center.
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