Four Simple Principles to get Your API Governance Program Off the Ground

In this webinar, Renata Budko, Head of Product at Traceable AI, offers her viewpoint on some simple principles you can follow to start an API Governance program.

APIs have long become central to developing, running, and consuming on-line digital services. Still, operationally the management and governance of the APIs is often far behind other corporate governance practices or IT operational controls we have enjoyed in the era of on-premise data centers.

With API Governance you can reduce risk, get better at compliance, and help your development efficiency with an eye on APIs. Learn how the new technologies of micro services, APIs, and cloud-native architectures have created new attack surfaces and potential vulnerabilities, and the things we are doing to help close the gaps.

What we'll cover:
- Examples and consequences of good and bad API governance
- Gaps in IT governance created by new attack surfaces and potential vulnerabilities in distributed API-driven architectures
- Principles needed to control APIs in the era of new technologies of micro services and cloud-native architectures
- How Traceable can help

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