Fostering Confidence in Your Work & Advocating for Yourself | Fiftyeight 3D & Darmstadt Uni | Ho...

Finding yourself and exploring your personal interests are essential towards figuring out what you want to do. In this discussion, you will hear from a Creative Technologist at Fiftyeight 3D and faculty at Darmstadt University about how to cultivate the curiosity to learn and explore different ways to apply your skills in order to have a more meaningful experience at work.

Andreas Chlupka started his journey into 3D in 1994 when he created 3D images for flyers and print ads. In 2000, he joined the team at FIFTYEIGHT and became a 3D generalist, learning the ins and outs of the animation production process.Over the past two decades Andreas has taken on many roles within the company, primarily as a Look-Dev and Rendering TD, Compositor, Architect, and Administrator of IT infrastructure.Today, his formal title is creative technologist, reflecting his passion for art and technology. Andreas loves to learn and share his insights. In recent years interpersonal relationships and communication became his primary focus — to better serve the team as a leader and foremost a collaborator and human being.

Manuel Köster is a Senior Technical Artist/Director who has been working in VFX/Animation on movies such as Dr. Strange, Cpt. Marvel, Lego Movie 2 as well as Peter Rabbit 2. Last year he switched to the Game industry and joined Crytek in an effort to enhance their procedural workflows, currently working on a new AAA game. He is a frequent teacher at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt mostly for the program called "Animation and Game" where he is teaching the course "Bring your projects to life using Houdini."

Martin Streit works as an XR studio engineer in the Expanded Realities study programme at Hochschule Darmstadt, University of Applied Sciences. He loves to enable students around him to realise their visions. For that he provides, research and develops technology solutions and mentors students in the process of applying them to their projects.
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