FOSS4G 2021 - Creating Maps in GeoServer using CSS and SLD

The presentation aims to provide attendees with enough information to master GeoServer styling documents and most of GeoServer extensions to generate appealing, informative, readable maps that can be quickly rendered on screen. Examples will be provided from the OSM data directory GeoSolutions shared with the community.

Several topics will be covered, providing examples in CSS and SLD, including: * Mastering common symbolization, filtering, multi-scale styling. * Using GeoServer extensions to build common hatch patterns, line styling beyond the basics, such as cased lines, controlling symbols along a line and the way they repeat. * Leveraging TTF symbol fonts and SVGs to generate good looking point thematic maps. * Using the full power of GeoServer label lay-outing tools to build pleasant, informative maps on both point, polygon and line layers, including adding road plates around labels, leverage the labelling subsystem conflict resolution engine to avoid overlaps in stand alone point symbology. * Dynamically transform data during rendering to get more explicative maps without the need to pre-process a large amount of views. * Generating styles with external tools

Authors and Affiliations –
Andrea Aime (1)
Stefano Bovio (1)

(1) GeoSolutions Group (

Track –

Topic –
Data visualization: spatial analysis, manipulation and visualization

Level –
3 - Medium. Advanced knowledge is recommended.

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