Forward Planning For Managers - What To Include, Avoid and Do

Forward planning for managers is an essential part of the job. The purpose of planning is to think through the steps we need to take to reach a goal, hopefully massively increasing the chances of reaching that goal and hopefully doing so quicker and more easily.

The purpose of planning is so
1. we don’t let others down or damage relationships,
2. we use as little time, energy, and money as we can while still achieving our goals,
3. we know which steps to take when,
4. we can co-ordinate many people or moving parts
5. we take better advantage of business opportunities or avoid business risks
6. we can consistently deliver thus building our credibility and reputations within the organisations we work.

Learn about 4 key areas to cover in any planning process, what to avoid and what to do. I also cover 5 types of forward planning that managers are likely to be involved in starting with strategic planning. As the timeframes and complexity reduce as you go into tactical planning and then operational planning, planning for a manager become easier.

One of the key steps for any planning process in business is to define the goal you want to get to. The goal should be specific and clear rather than vague and general. This will help your planning process.
Another key one of the forward planning techniques we cover is to get the individuals that well need to implement your plan involved in the planning process. This helps them own the plan alongside you, thus significantly increasing the chances of the success of that plan.

Implementation of any plan is always the hardest part, so it makes sense to take all the steps possible to improve your plan to make its implementation as easy as possible while still achieving the goal you have set out.

Enjoy your forward planning!

00:00 Intro
2:27 5 Types or Levels of Planning
04:11 What Is The Goal
06:01 The Timeframes
07:32 Who Is Involved
09:12 How Is The Plan Going To Be Implemented
12:37 In Summary
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