Forced Patience (guests: Andy Constan, Paul Schulte) - Market Huddle Ep.163

In this episode, Patrick Ceresna and Kevin Muir welcome Wall Street veteran Andy Constan. From his early days at Salomon Brothers, to his experiences at Bridgewater and Brevan Howard, Andy walks us through his fascinating career and he also tells us what we should be watching for as the most important development for 2022. After that, Kevin talks with Paul Schulte about his new book, Money Metaverse: How Crypto Is Reinventing Finance & Property via Tokenization.

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:41 Feature Interview with Andy Constan
01:20:58 Special Interview with Paul Schulte
01:52:07 Top 3 Things to Watch
02:01:38 Talking Charts
02:21:13 Skin in the Game
02:27:26 No Stupid Questions
02:40:55 Aftershow

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