Focus on Audio Q&A 10/12/21

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Today we answer Audio Questions.

Office Hours for Oct 12, 2021 - Office Hours 567
00:00 Intro
00:38 Do you have a recommendation for an online project management platform when collaborating on an AV design/build? Thanks!
01:26 Can I use an analog audio mixer to help me hear myself on zoom or do I need a digital one? And what is the signal path?
03:12 What are good resources for learning the ins and outs of ffmpeg?
05:08 How can I start tinkering with Dante without investing hundreds of dollars in equipment?
06:36 Which industries and sectors do you predict will have the greatest uptake in AV technology and skills? Examples I've heard are Telehealth, remote education and business meetings.
11:10 Have any of the "Down Under' Panelists heard anything about new Hardware/software From BlackMagic Design since this week is the Virtual NAB?
12:28 Speaking of Halloween displays, what is the most impressive and complex audiovisual display that the panelists have seen?
15:59 Is there a difference between the encoder in the ATEM mini pro and the BM web presenter? If so which is better? looking to get hardware encoder and they are both roughly the same price and the mini pro could do double duty. Thanks
16:50 What are the best hearing aids for someone who wears headphones for audio mixing?
19:13 Can the panel suggest a LUT box with HDMI in and HDMI out that would allow you to shade a standard camera 'live' like you can with Blackmagic cameras.
22:12 In a set up like John pretto’s (multi participants/mics) what have been the biggest challenges - besides talent wrangling? What could be improved?
27:07 PR 40 out of sight, will this work on CWTM , sounds pretty good during mic checks just wanted to make sure, please share opinions.
31:44 Is it safe to start purchasing BMD products now or continue to wait?
32:49 @Alex what do you think of Vimeo adding Dolby vision? will they also add it to live?
34:38 USB type B interfaces are pretty much standard on keyboards/synths, mixers and more recently on guitar amps to obviously allow for computer connectivity. Does anyone know why USB B is the standard there instead of the ubiquitous type A ?
36:06 Is there much difference in audio quality for Zoom, FaceTime, etc., among the different devices in the AirPods line-up (e.g., AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max)?
38:29 Will any of the USB powered 15" portable screens work with the ATEM Mini output for Multiview? Any models that the panelist here might have used or recommendations?
40:48 How do the panelists delineate between the purpose of a Macbook M1 vs an iPad Pro with a keyboard? The gap between them seems to be closing.
43:22 What is a good video camera stabilizer to use on a tripod for decreasing or eliminating camera shake from low bass vibrations in a room? In our church, anytime the drummer hits the kick or bass player plays certain low notes, the video shakes.
47:48 The "Illuminarium" attraction ([link]) will be using Disguise media servers. Being unfamiliar with that world, how do you control those servers? Are they controlled like VTRs with RS422?
48:43 Do the panelist prefer rode psa1 style boom arm or the Elgato Wave Low Profile type arm?
49:54 This question is for Alex ... Some of the discussions on MacBreak Weekly have become quite "heated" recently with you, Andy, and Leo. Are any of you actually upset with each other? (I hope not.)
50:47 Charles has provided LUTS for the two 6K's for the cooking show. If I want to add the iPhone 12 Pro with Filmic is it possible to match the 6K's color settings? If so, how do I go about it.
51:23 Do you think crowd management skills will still have their place even as we move towards the digital-first future?
1:00:00 Audio Q&A (More questions in comments)

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