Fluent Forms - Built-In Quiz builder with Score Count & Results

Creating quizzes for your visitors is an excellent way to make them stay on your website for longer. Quizzes increase the interaction and engagement regardless of the audience and website type.

With FluentForms Pro, you can make advanced quiz forms that show the score too. You can customize quiz questions, answers and even show the participants their scores instantly. You can create

One-page assessment quiz
Multiple-choice test
Trivia quiz
Personality quiz
Sports quiz
IQ test
Diet test
True/False quiz
Diagnostic quiz

And a lot more. In this video, we showed you how you can build a WordPress quiz using FluentForms Quiz Module. Starting from responsiveness to quick calculation and showing results, FluentForms will take care of all. Not just that, here are some other amazing features of FluentForms.

Unique layout design
50+ amazing input fields
70+ pre-built templates
Conversational Forms
Address autocomplete and geolocation
Data Management and visualization
Form scheduling and restriction
Multi-layer spam protection
Email notification and confirmation
Email summaries
Custom CSS & JS
Conditional logic
Landing page
Partial entries

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Check out Fluent Forms: https://fluentforms.com
Or try it for free: https://wordpress.org/plugins/fluentf...

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