Flood Control and Management │ Flood Mitigation Model in Sindhupalchowk, Nepal

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This Channel Includes various study materials and designs related to each and every aspect of agriculture and architectural Design of any kind. For Autocad, 3D sketch (Sketchup), Rendering(Lumion) of Agricultural elements (Farm structures, Cold Storage Design, Integrated Farming method Designs) and architectural elements (Buildings, resorts, stadiums, cafeteria, hospital, school),
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This Channel Focuses For the design of
Farm structures ( Goat Shed, Cow Shed, Poultry house, Fish Ponds)
Greenhouse Structures
Cold Storage Design and other things related to Agriculture
As well as Architectural Designs

Music Link: https://youtu.be/-ObdvMkCKws

Sources for Video Clips :
1. https://youtu.be/P5gtYvAyh8s
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Note: Sources are obtained for demonstration of Flood Control.

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