Flight Planning & Dispatch: Q&A

In Q&A format, this panel presentation provides a glimpse into the world of airline flight planning where we teach you how to "plan like the pros" and apply many of the same procedures to flight simulation. Topics discussed will include fuel and route planning, alternate airports, Extended Range Operations, MEL/CDL, as well as how operations centers manage various scenarios.

The full presentation from FlightSimExpo is available at https://youtu.be/sJVDGKt1XgA.

Presenter Bios:

Matt Bartels is an International Flight Dispatcher who has dispatched nearly every passenger aircraft type flying today to destinations all over the United States and every continent but Antarctica for Delta Air Lines and United Airlines. In addition to dispatching airplanes, Matt has also spent time as an operations manager, tasked with keeping his fleet running smoothly and efficiently and has taught new dispatcher candidates the basics in a FAA Part 65 Aircraft Dispatcher Certification course. Outside of his work, Matt is very dedicated to the flight simulation community. He is a member of VATSIM's Board of Governors and can frequently be found flying with MidCon Airlines or controlling the Minneapolis or Washington Airspaces on the network.

Michael Collier is an International Flight Dispatcher and classroom training instructor with over 20 years of experience with American Airlines, US Airways, and America West Airlines. He has been involved with flight simulation dating back to 1985 and SubLogic's Flight Simulator II, and ATP. Most of his simulation time is devoted to MidContinent (MidCon) Airlines and flying on the VATSIM network.


This presentation was recorded live at FlightSimExpo 2021 at Town and Country Resort, San Diego. FlightSimExpo, North America's enthusiast flight simulation conference and tradeshow, is produced annually by Flight Simulation Association. Learn more at https://flightsimassociation.com. Livestreaming and recording of FlightSimExpo seminars is powered by Gleim Aviation.
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