Flat6Labs - Fall 2021 Abu Dhabi Demo Day

To get in touch with the startups, and to learn more: https://f6l.co/2ZNoOUn

Flat6Labs Ignite Program in Abu Dhabi was launched in March 2021,
with our 1st Seed Program cycle taking off on November 3rd 2021. The eight startup teams have been working over the past four months on growing their customer base, refining their offerings, expanding to new markets and building strategic partnerships. This outstanding graduating cohort has products and services across multiple sectors including EdTech, Order & Fleet Management, E-commerce, Sports Fan Engagement, Product Design, Travel and Fintech.

Time Stamps:

00:34 - Flat6Labs in 10 years
02:07 - A word from Ryaan Sharif
03:20 - A word from Jeremy Shorter
05:06 - Edactik
10:47 - The Concept
17:13 - Pablu
21:43 - ValoraFutbol
27:14 - Zumvie
34:09 - Fleetroot
39:32 - Dharma
43:55 - RemotePass
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