Five Common Traits of Successful Traders

Hi, this is John Rowland, Barchart's Head of Trading Education. During my professional career that has spanned forty years, I've had the pleasure and honor of working with some of the modern era's greatest traders: Paul Tudor Jones, Richard Dennis, and Mark Fisher, to name a few. Author Jack Schwager referred to them as "Market Wizards." Each of these traders had their own style, plan of attack, and discipline. But all of them had common traits that ran true throughout.

Please join me in this first session of the new year as I reveal these five common traits. I will then offer up some life lessons I've learned directly from these masters of the universe, and how they have impacted my style and career. I'll also give you my spin on several of the classic traders' books, like the fore-mentioned "Market Wizards" plus others like "The Life and Times of Jesse Livermore" and "Being Right or Making Money."

In the webinar, you will learn

- the five traits common to successful traders
- several life lessons that could be beneficial to any trader
- how success isn't measured in dollars
- my list of favorite trading books to enhance your library.

Slides (PDF format) are available for download from

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