First Track Day: What's Stopping You?! | HSLS S6E6

There's nothing like a day at the track. But why don't many motorcyclists take the opportunity to actually attend a track day? Zack and Spurgeon are joined by Jen Dunstan for a track-oriented discussion with plenty of advice and opinions for beginners and experts alike. What are the major obstacles to a track day, and how should you overcome them? How should you prepare your motorcycle, and what gear will you need? Those answers (and more!) are covered in this full-length episode, along with your favorite HS/LS segments like Not The News, The Motorcycle Engine Guessing Game, responses to listener comments, and tee shirt giveaways! Tell us all about your track opinions in the comments below.

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:14 Our Sponsor, Motul!
00:01:59 Not The News!
00:13:52 Talking Track Days with Jen Dunstan
01:34:14 The Motorcycle Engine Guessing Game
01:42:11 Listener Comments & Tee Shirt Giveaway
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