fire fighting system in warehouse systems automatically switch by pressure limit

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In these videos, I shared with all of you on " How to installation electric devices on the circuit. If you can follow them you will get success On Technical Skills.

In the video, I talk about new technicians of installation electric devices

6 steps:
1. Find what do you want to create everyday
2. How to connect Electric devices
3. Share Your Videos and knowledge with the world (Ex: Social Media like Google+, Google page or Google Community...)
4. Engage With Your Audiences (The Most Important Thinking)
5. Improve Your Videos and Create more new design concepts of electric goals, Do more
6. Join The Others Group of electric technicians and support (Google Group)
Learn More On my YouTube Channel:

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3. Understand about circuits control by Inspections machine control by vfd

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5.MCB ( Miniature Circuit Breaker ) Types 5 current tripping

6.How to Understand about Electrical Switch to Control Light


I hope all of you understand about this explain if you don't understand please comment under my video I will
replay as soon as possible that I can.

This Channel Punlok Engineer is the Best channel that will show you, how to do something or offline, and especially you will learn more about general knowledge.
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