Fire as a Tool for Grassland Restoration and Management

This panel discussion from November 9th 2021 was part of a webinar series for CCAST's Grassland Community of Practice. It features presentations from Steven "Steve" Sesnie (FWS) 00:02:41, Scott Collins (UNM) 00:22:07, and Jeffery "Jeff" Adams (FWS) 00:32:52. After the three presentations, panelists and participants use the content of the presentations to discuss fire in grasslands across the Southwest 00:41:14.

00:02:41 Steven Sesnie discusses the use of fire at Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Arizona to improve habitat conditions for the Masked Bobwhite Quail.

00:22:07 Scott Collins (UNM) shares results from an experiment about the different vegetation response to fire in different seasons at Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge in the Chihuahuan grasslands of New Mexico.

00:32:52 Jeffery Adams discusses challenges and lessons learned about using prescribed fire to meet management objectives, and the need for science, adaptive management, and dialogue to develop Best Management Practices for fire in Southwestern grasslands.

00:41:14 Discussion with the panel and panelists about using fire as a tool for grassland restoration and management
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