Finding Your Authentic Leadership Style with Sarah Poet

Have you ever wondered what your true leadership style really is and how you can be the leader you were meant to be? On this episode of LLC, host Liz Wayne takes a deep dive with Sarah Poet, founder of Embodied Breath, a coaching & consulting service, to find the answer to this question. Sarah discusses how important trusting your intuition is when leading others and the differences between masculine and feminine leadership styles. The interesting thing is that masculine and feminine are NOT gendered – anyone can possess these qualities regardless of gender.

Sarah Poet is a truth seeker, a thought leader, a former school creator turned feminine/masculine integration expert, and, as it turns out, a medicine woman for modern times. It is Sarah’s mission to serve the true evolution of human consciousness, to integrate the feminine & masculine on all levels, and to bridge us collectively from separation to connection. Sarah helps couples, individuals, and organizations heal the separation traumas inflicted by patriarchal culture and come into deeper connection via integrity, embodied intimacy, resiliency, authenticity, & love.

Sarah will go with you to the depths, responding exactly to your unique path or query, to uncover your deepest and most empowering truths.
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