Find candidates’ 16 personality types with a 16 Types test

Let TestGorilla’s 16 Personality Types test help you find out more about applicants and build diverse teams:

TestGorilla’s 16 Types test asks applicants to reflect on various examples using a self-evaluation questionnaire. The test lets them explore their choices on the four spectrums: introversion versus extraversion, intuition versus sensing, feeling versus thinking, and judging versus perceiving.

The test is best used at the beginning of the recruitment process, to help you formulate the best interview questions for each candidate. But a 16 Types test can also be accompanied by role-specific skills tests to create a comprehensive assessment for the position you are recruiting for.

In addition, TestGorilla’s pre-employment screening tests help you identify the top candidates for the job, eliminating the need for CVs and streamlining the recruitment process.

Although personality assessments remain a popular choice for recruiters, a 16 Types test accompanied by technical skills tests can help you gain a deeper insight into applicants. With TestGorilla, you can find out more about candidates in relation to both hard and soft skills, before deciding on the top talent to invite to the interview phase.

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