Finance Watch Webinar on Sustainable Corporate Governance, panel 1

Embedding sustainability in corporations through mandatory sustainability targets and addressing directors’ pay.

This is the first panel of Finance Watch's webinar on Sustainable Corporate Governance, on the 13 October 2021. Watch the whole webinar here:

00:00 - Introduction - Thierry Philipponnat (moderator), Head of Research and Advocacy, Finance Watch
06:30 - Beate Sjåfjell, Professor, Dr. Juris, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo, SMART-
18:56 - Paul Tang, Member of the European Parliament (S&D, NL)
26:38 - Olivier Boutellis-Taft, CEO of Accountancy Europe
35:56 - Victor van Hoorn, Executive Director at Eurosif - The European Sustainable
Investment Forum

This event aims to debate the forthcoming legislative initiative on sustainable corporate governance, describe the core elements it should contain and explain why reforming corporate governance is essential to meet the European sustainability targets.

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