Filipino Engineer Mag-aabroad Ka Ba? Panoorin mo muna ito!

A must watch for Filipino Engineers planning to work overseas as an OFW!

This lecture was presented in the PSME Middle East Event held on December 3-4, 2021, with the theme ‘Empowering Overseas Filipino Mechanical Engineers through a Comprehensive and Effective Reintegration Program’.

As a practicing project manager, Prof. Roque Senga shared his OFW journey and discussed practical tips in preparing OFW Exit Plan for Effective Reintegration Program. He emphasized that the OFW journey is considered as a Project and each Filipino Engineers starting or currently in the OFW Process must:
1. Have a Good Start Focused on the Project Triple Constrain:
a. Begin with the End in Mind (Scope)
b. Define the OFW Duration (Time)
c. Maximize the Reintegration Budget (Costs)
2. Continuously Improve the OFW Process
3. Make a Legacy

Hope you learn something from this...
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