FFXIV: Endwalker Sage 1 to 90 Leveling Skills Guide

New? Got too many skills? Made the mistake of doing this job as the first healer you pick? Just hate reading? Try this guide out!

This guide seeks to teach new Sages how to Sage properly, without getting too deep into optimization. I'll be showing off and explaining some openers but not delving too much deeper beyond that and general skill usage. Endgame is a long way away and there's lots to learn along the way. Start slow and work your way up one skill at a time! Then, graduate to more advanced guides.

Healer Role Actions Guide: https://youtu.be/ASlj-hodBlU
Guide to my HUD: https://youtu.be/GgXOHas9GyY
Dictionary of Terms (if you need): https://youtu.be/Oi8-myAY-Uc

Pronunciations used: https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/q7vftc/sge_theme_spell_name_meanings_explained_optional/

Opener image: https://imgur.com/a/w5GyOHY

Video Outline: 0:00
Playstyle Summary 2:02
Requirements: 3:09
Role Actions: 3:28
L20,40. Maim and Mend: 3:50
L54,64 Somanoutic Oath: 4:29
L1. Dosis: 5:05
L2. Diagnosis: 5:23
L10. Prognosis: 5:43
L30. Eukrasia: 6:10
L30. Eukrasian Dosis: 7:18
L30. Eukrasian Diagnosis: 8:12
L30. Eukrasian Prognosis: 10:02
General Eukrasia Comments: 11:18
L66. Addersting and Toxikon 11:44
L26. Phlegma 13:25
L46. Dyskrasia: 14:59
L12. Egeiro: 15:50
L4. Kardia: 17:02
L35. Soteria: 19:34
L45. Addersgall: 20:54
L45. Druochole 21:34
L62. Taurochole: 22:00
L52. Ixochole: 22:55
L50. Kerachole: 23:43
L40. Icarus: 24:36
L56. Zoe: 25:24
L58. Pepsis: 28:03
L60. Physis Mastery and Physis II: 30:23
L70. Haima: 32:11
Sage Opener: 34:45
L72: Offensive Magic Mastery: 35:56
L74. Rhizomata: 36:48
L76. Holos: 37:53
L78. Enhanced Kerachole: 39:13
L80. Panhaima: 40:22
Potential Spoil Warning: 42:37
L82. Offensive Magic Mastery II: 43:10
L85. Enhanced Healing Magic 45:26
L86. Krasis: 46:37
L88. Enhanced Zoe: 48:14
L90. Pneuma: 48:39
Outro: 50:36

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