Festo CMSH: The device type manager

This Festo tutorial is about connecting to the positioner CMSH using HART DTMs.

You will learn the following in the service2see video tutorial:
- required hardware for the connection PC-CMSH
- installing the relevant software components
- configuring and establishing the connection

This video shows the instructions at the following products as an example:
- CMSH, version 1.0.0
- PACTware, version 4.1
- HART USB Adapter isHRT USB

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Safety instructions
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These instructions were created as sample instructions with a definite product configuration. They are only provided as an aid for work on other product configurations; they do not claim to be complete nor correct, but provide non-binding additional information. For this reason, data contained in these instructions do not represent guaranteed specifications in the legal sense, particularly with regard to functionality, condition or quality. The information in these instructions serves only as basic information for the implementation of a specific, hypothetical application. It is in no way intended as a substitute for the operating instructions of the respective manufacturers. Nor does it replace design and testing of the respective application by the user. These instructions have been prepared with care. Festo SE & Co. KG does not, however, accept any liability for any errors in these repair instructions or their consequences. Likewise, no liability is accepted for direct or consequential damage resulting from incorrect use of the products and tools. Users of these instructions (function and application) must themselves verify that all of the functions described herein also work correctly in the application. Even after examining these instructions and using the specifications contained herein, users are nevertheless solely responsible for their own application. Prior to, during and after the work, all the country‘s applicable guidelines, regulations and directives must always be complied with, particularly those governing occupational safety, safety engineering and interference suppression, as well as the stipulations contained in these operating instructions (these can be found at www.festo.com) and, where applicable, written repair instructions. The General Terms and Conditions of Festo SE & Co. KG, which can be viewed on the Festo website (www.festo.com), also apply. Prior to starting work you must read and understand the safety instructions and the instructions for handling the product in full. You must also ensure compliance with these instructions at all times whilst carrying out your work. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Festo SE & Co. KG directly. Do not start work until these questions or concerns have been clarified. Defects resulting from the improper handling of devices and modules are excluded from the warranty. The data and information specified in these instructions should not be used for the implementation of safety functions relating to the protection of personnel and machinery. Hardware, software, operating systems and drivers may only be used for the applications described, and only in conjunction with components recommended by Festo SE & Co. KG. Only qualified specialized personnel who have undergone training and instruction are permitted to install, repair and commission the equipment; such work must be carried out in accordance with the operating instructions for the products concerned. Some protective devices are taken out of operation during maintenance and repair work. They must be properly reinstalled and put back into operation immediately after the work has finished, and their correct functioning must be checked. No liability whatsoever shall be accepted for (subsequent) damage caused by noncompliance.

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