FERC Technical Conference on Transmission Planning & Cost Management

FERC Technical Conference: Transmission Planning & Cost Management

MORNING SESSION: Local Transmission Planning Criteria and Cost Management

PANEL 1: Development and Use of Local Transmission Planning Criteria
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Kamran Ali – Vice President, Transmission Planning & Analysis, American Electric Power Company, Inc.
Cameron Dyer – Senior Assistant General Counsel, Public Utilities Commission of Nevada
Lisa McAlister – General Counsel for Regulatory Affairs, American Municipal Power, Inc., and on behalf of the American Public Power Association
Dan O’Hagan – Assistant General Counsel & Manager of Regulatory Compliance, Florida Municipal Power Agency
Jeff Nelson – FERC Rates & Market Integration Director, Southern California Edison
Lauren Azar – Consultant, Azar Law LLC
Kent Chandler – Chairman, Kentucky Public Service Commission
Bill Pezalla – Director, Transmission Services, Old Dominion Electric Cooperative

PANEL 2: Local Transmission Facility Cost Management Practices
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Charles Marshall – Vice President of Transmission Planning, ITC Holdings Corporation
Simon Hurd – Program and Project Supervisor - Energy Division, California Public Utilities Commission
James McLawhorn – Public Staff, North Carolina Utilities Commission
Jeff Burleson – Environmental and System Planning Senior Vice President, Southern Company
Jennifer Easler – Consumer Advocate, Office of Consumer Advocate of Iowa
Ari Peskoe – Director, Harvard Electricity Law Initiative
Greg Poulos – Executive Director, Consumer Advocates of PJM States

AFTERNOON SESSION: Regional Transmission Planning for Reliability and Cost Management

PANEL 3: Regional Transmission Planning for Reliability
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Frederick (Erik) Heinle III – Senior Assistant People’s Counsel, Federal Affairs and Wholesale Markets, Office of the People’s Counsel for the District of Columbia
Daniel Conway – Commissioner, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
Nick Guidi – Federal Energy Regulatory Attorney; Southern Environmental Law Center
Kenneth Seiler – Vice President, Planning, PJM Interconnection, L.L.C.
Randy Howard – General Manager, Northern California Power Agency
Adrienne Mouton-Henderson – Director, Policy & Market Innovations; Clean Energy Buyer’s Association
Henry Tilghman – Principal, Tilghman Associates, on behalf of the Northwest and Intermountain Power Producers’ Coalition

PANEL 4: Regional Transmission Facility for Reliability Cost Management Practices
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Shawn Schukar – President, Ameren Transmission
Michael Haugh – Analytical Director, Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel
Paul Suskie – Executive Vice President, Regulatory Policy and General Counsel, Southwest Power Pool, Inc.
Bob Weishaar – Energy & Environmental Law Group – Chair, McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC, on behalf of Industrial Energy Consumers of America, American Forest & Paper Association, PJM Industrial Customer Coalition, and Coalition of MISO Transmission Customers
Jeanna Furnish – Director, Expansion Planning, Midcontinent Independent Transmission System Operator
Carolyn Cowan Barbash – Vice President, Transmission Development and Policy; NV Energy
Larry Gasteiger – Executive Director, WIRES
Ron Gerwatowski – Chair, Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission

WRAP-UP SESSION: Cross-Cutting Solutions

Panel 5: Local and Regional Reliability Transmission Planning Criteria and Cost Management
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Jon Schneider – Partner, Stinson LLP, on behalf of the Large Public Power Council
Sarah Freeman –President, Organization of MISO States, Inc.
Karen Onaran – Vice President, Electricity Consumers Resource Council
Jeff Dennis – General Counsel and Managing Director, Advanced Energy Economy
Pallas LeeVanShaick –Vice President, Potomac Economics
Robert Ethier – Vice President, System Planning, ISO New England Inc.
Joshua Macey – Assistant Professor of Law, University of Chicago
Phillip L. Bartlett II – Chair, Maine Public Service Commission

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