Fed Pausing Is No Celebration: Recession Will Be Deeper, People Will Get Poorer

"Market celebrations are premature with the Fed nearing the end of its hiking cycle," says Michael Gentile, co-founder of Bastion Asset Management. He reflects on the past year saying, "certain parts of the market got crushed, and that better day is not here today." He warns Daniela Cambone to be prepared for choppiness in 2023, "where significant pain will be the extent of an economic downturn, triggered by the Fed." "Higher structural inflation for longer is my view," Gentile continues. He forecasts a choppy and difficult year in 2023 for investors. "Rather than stomaching a difficult recession, we will see more government intervention through stimulus which is inflationary," Gentile says. He concludes by saying, "the Yen and euro are the cannery in the coal mine and silver is outperforming gold which we have not seen in years."

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00:00 What will be the Fed’s next move?
3:19 Will the market experience rebellion?
4:51 Choppiness for 2023
5:55 The three waves of inflation
7:35 How deep of a recession are we going to have?
8:16 Better market conditions and politics
9:34 Where is the U.S. dollar heading?
11:02 The performance of gold in 2022 and prediction in 2023
13:35 The importance of having cash in your portfolio
14:15 Michael’s thoughts on bitcoin
15:33 Bitcoin should stick around
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