FCS Jeremiah N. Karanja on the Penson Sector Governance Workshop

Institute of Certified Secretaries (ICS) in collaboration with Finnet Institute is organizing for Pension Sector Governance workshop, aimed at strengthening governance in pension sector in Kenya.

Good governance is increasingly recognized as an important aspect in the pension sector. It enhances investment performance and social security. Despite the notable progresses on governance in the pension sector, the sector is still faced with financial, structural and societal challenges. Pension Sector Governance Workshop therefore seeks to provide
advanced knowledge and governance tools needed for the effective oversight and administration in the sector. The workshop will specifically deliver content rich, immersive and interesting learning experience covering governance in the pensions sector.

This Workshop on Pension Sector Governance is designed to equip participants with relevant knowledge and skills in matters governance in the pension sector. The workshop will be delivered through active learning, with theories, demonstrations, sharing of experiences, videos, role plays, reflections and case studies. The program will be delivered in a total
number of four (4) days.

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