FCCI FSG Forest Climate Webinar Series Year 2 Penobscot Experimental Forest

PEF USFS Research Scientist Laura Kenefic, UMaine Forest Manager Keith Kanoti, UMaine wildlife faculty Alessio Mortelliti, and MFS District Forester Kenny Fergusson discuss forest climate adaptation and management options on a spruce-fir forest ecosystem at the Penobscot Experimental Forest, including wildlife impacts and implications for both large and small forest landowners.

The webinar panelists present the science, research, and biodiversity of spruce-fir stand climate adaptation, followed by an open discussion with attendees. Field tour visit to research sites (unmanaged, high graded, even aged, uneven aged, shelterwood) where climate and market perspectives, carbon management (storage & sequestration), and biodiversity/wildlife characteristics will be discussed.
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