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Face punches, stolen demo tapes, a controversial sound, and well, a Drummer arrested for stealing a car on his way to the video shoot? All of this happened to the Cult when recoding their 80s hard rock classic She Sells Sanctuary… It’s the preeminent song from Singer Ian Asturbry and Guitarist Billy Duffy...an all-out rocker that launched the band into the international spotlight. Only the thing is, most of us in the US weren’t paying much attention at the time. This song was also so out of step with this band’s musical roots, that it enraged former fans and inspired some serious fist-to-face violence… Get the story of how today’s band fought back and established themselves as an iconic act for the ages so Iconic that both New Wave kids and Metal heads loved them… NEXT on the Professor of Rock.

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I’m excited to return to another one of my favorite shows that we do on this channel. It’s called Breakthrough. In this show we break down songs, albums, or events that kicked open the door to an artist or band’s career and gave them the momentum to rocket to long-term success. On previous episodes we have covered Boys Don’t Cry by The Cure, Nobody’s Fool by Cinderella, and Silent Lucidity by Queensryche.

Today we are telling the story of a band that was beloved by all cliques in school Whether the metal guys or the wavers or the punks… It’s The Cult and their breakout classic, She Sells Sanctuary, from their 1985 sophomore LP ‘Love’. Seriously, outside of only a few bands like the Cars, everyone loved the Cult. It didn’t matter if you were into metal or new wave or punk or rock or pop everybody appreciated this band… So let’s get into it.

Back in 1981, frontman Ian Astbury founded the post-punk, goth rock outfit ‘Southern Death Cult’ in Bradford, England. For the band’s name, he drew inspiration from an old term for a mound-building Native American society in the Southeast US. In his formative years, Ian had lived in Ontario, Canada, and became an avid student of Native American culture. It was a theme that he would routinely incorporate into his songwriting. Southern Death Cult released their first single, “Moya" in December 1982 and went on tour with Bauhaus the following month.

Despite a promising future, Astbury grew frustrated with the press’s coverage of the band, which pegged them as “positive punk.” So Ian disbanded the Southern Death Cult in 1983. Dropping the word “Southern” from their name, Ian formed the ‘Death Cult’ with ex-Theatre of Pain guitarist Billy Duffy, bassist Jamie Stewart, and drummer Ray Mondo. Death Cult released an eponymous EP in the summer of 1983. Later that year, Mondo was replaced by Nigel Preston, who had played with Duffy in Theatre of Hate…
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