Family Type Manager - Revit International Master Catalogs

BIModular Family Type Manager allows you to easily create all product possibilities for Revit Families, in any language, any Revit unit of measure, and for the first time use Master Catalogs to keep all of your international and historical family data in one file.

This video shows how a manufacturer can create a single parametric metal clip in Revit. Use Type Builder to create all 420 variations in seconds with rules based naming, descriptions and manufacturer information.

Type Catalogs are then created from for imperial and metric and in Chinese, Thai, French, and English.
By far Family Type Manager is the fastest and easiest way to create and manage family content.

00:00 Introduction
01:16 Revit Family Settings
02:20 Export Initial Type Catalog
02:55 Family Type Manager Features
03:20 Import Family Rules into Scratch Pad
04:50 Type Builder to Create All Combinations
06:00 Customize Type Names
07:20 Add Custom Column Data
09:20 Import Original Type Catalog
10:00 Organize Type Catalog Columns
11:20 Copy Type Builder Results to the Type Catalog
12:50 Export Revised Type Catalog with 420 Types
13:30 Multi-Default Type Catalogs
15:50 Master Catalogs - Imperial
17:48 Master Catalogs - Metric
18:10 Change Headers from Imperial to Metric
18:45 Convert Values from Imperial to Metric
20:00 Type Builder Revised Configurations Metric
21:30 Transfer Metric Values to Type Catalog
22:30 Metric English Master Type Catalog
23:05 Multi-Language Master Catalog
23:38 Create Chinese Family Types
24:55 Create Thai Family Types
26:05 Create French Family Types
27:10 Export French Catalog
28:30 International Multi-Type Default Catalogs
29:25 Export Thai Catalog
30:00 Export Chinese Catalog
31:00 Load a Multi-Type Default Catalog into Family
32:50 Load International Families into a Revit Project
36:30 Reload Master Catalogs for Future Updates
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