FAIR Implementation Considerations - Challenges & Choices

Extensively cited, endorsed and adopted by a broad range of stakeholders across the world, the FAIR Data Principles continue to remain a hot topic in research data management. Join us in this live webinar to discuss technological implementations/solutions from existing implementations, to support FAIR convergence and the broad adoption of the FAIR principles.

Key Takeaways
✔️ FAIR implementation considerations presented by Dr. Ronald Cornet
✔️ Insights into the FAIRsFAIR assessment framework for data services presented by Sara Ramezani.
✔️ Semantic technologies to create FAIR data objects presented by Dr. Núria Queralt Rosinach

Ronald Cornet, PhD - Chair @GO-FAIR Executive Board
Link to Slides - http://ow.ly/4zwb50GjD7U

Sara Ramezani - Group Leader, Data Preservation Services @SURF
Link to Slides - http://ow.ly/q0Bx50GjD9z

Núria Queralt Rosinach, PhD - Data Scientist Researcher @Leiden University Medical Centre
Link to Slides - http://ow.ly/qJKT50GjDbC

Organised by @MyScienceWork
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