Failed Attempt to Destroy Tucker, and Supreme Court Leaker Details, w/ James O'Keefe & Sen. Mike Lee

Megyn Kelly begins the show today by addressing the latest attempts to smear Tucker Carlson in the press through leaked texts and videos, how the campaign against him by Fox News isn't working, whether Tucker's fans will eventually return to Fox, and more. Then James O'Keefe, founder of O'Keefe Media Group, joins to discuss the ethics of releasing private text messages, the pros and cons to the capitalist incentive in the media, what really happened at Project Veritas that led to his recent ouster, his exclusive reporting on what's happening inside female prisons with male inmates claiming to be trans, his confrontation with Dylan Mulvaney and the ethics of ambush journalism, Bud Light's failing sales, and more. Then GOP Sen. Mike Lee of Utah joins to talk about new bombshell details about the Supreme Court leaker's identity, hypocrisy by the Biden Department of Justice in protecting the Supreme Court justices, nonstop attacks on Justice Clarence Thomas, the sham hearing in the Senate yesterday, and more.


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