Factory of the Future with Mikael Ternhult

Mikael Ternhult, Managing Director and Partner in Sweden, leads BCG’s Operations practice in Stockholm, which helps companies integrate advanced manufacturing technologies in industrial production.

In this first video of our upcoming Operations series with Mikael, he discusses the three things you need to master to scale:
1. Strategy and roadmap
2. Right resources and competencies
3. Scalable technology infrastructure

Mastering these dimensions enables significant performance improvements – ones that are too notable to overlook.

Global uncertainty and a highly competitive business landscape put pressure on companies to increase efficiency and productivity in operations.

To tackle these issues and master the process of scaling, we at BCG prefer to talk about Factory of the Future instead of just Industry 4.0.

While the latter focuses on scaling technologies, Factory of the Future helps deliver a higher performance level by focusing on additional factors such as structure and processes.

Follow Mikael Ternhult on LinkedIn here: https://se.linkedin.com/in/mikael-ternhult-2930181
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