F1 Manager 22 Review - The Final Verdict

F1 Manager 2022 brings a lot of key elements that have emerged in previous iterations of the genre as well as manager modes from other - more recent - simulation sports games. While a lot of its ideas are borrowed from one or the other, it integrates them pretty well for the most part and sprinkles in a few neat touches like managing team confidence with accomplishing tasks and approving budget requests.

It doesn’t do any one thing outstandingly well, but also never really fails to feel like a fully-featured simulation manager game. If an officially licensed F1 game totally focused on preparing, executing, and learning from data collected after F1 races is an itch you’ve been wanting to scratch for a while, then this will probably take care of that for you to some extent. Unprecedentedly deep or extremely addicting it is not, but it does serviceably take care of the audience it seems primarily aimed at, while hopefully laying the foundation for a steady stream of new and improved sequels to follow.
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