Extend Your Credit Period at No Extra Cost with Yubi Flow's Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) Extension

Are you a growing corporate facing working capital and cash flow challenges? Yubi Flow has the solution for you!

Our vendor finance program helps businesses extend their Days Payable Outstanding at no extra cost, conserving cash while optimizing working capital. Using Yubi Flow, businesses can set up a vendor finance program at a competitive interest rate and receive better credit terms than their competitors.

With Yubi Flow's advanced features and user-friendly interface, managing your accounts payable has never been easier. Revolutionize your cash flow with Yubi Flow's vendor finance program. Try it now!

Yubi Flow’s marketplace approach aligns capital at every risk & price point in your supply chain delivering greater coverage and consequently a more robust and stable supply chain. We are India's most advanced and flexible supply chain finance platform for principal companies (anchor corporates), looking at effective and efficient vendor and dealer finance solutions, covering various sectors, across credit ratings.

Click the link to know more: https://www.go-yubi.com/yubiflow/
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